We are happy to announce about our upcoming business trip to Istanbul in Feb. This trip will be from 16 – 24 February, 2019. Our Co-founder and director, Mr. Arpit Modi, will visit Istanbul to fulfill predefined business agendas which are briefed below:

Consolidating business relation with existing customers

We have many customers in Istanbul who have been using our solution for many years. One of the customers has invited us to visit them personally. The customer is using our call center solution which is customized to meet his needs and integrated with a custom VoIP Billing solution. Also, he uses our mobile SIP Dialer. Our director will meet him in Istanbul with an agenda of making this bond stronger.

Discussing possible business expansion opportunities with the customer

The customer in Istanbul has shown keen interest in our solutions such as,

Also, he has shown interest in our services:

We are willing to discuss more in detail about his interest and requirement and finalize the scope of work for the possible new business with our expertise in VoIP and mobile app industry.

Discussing possible channel partnership program

Our director will meet all our existing customers and prospects to have a formal business meeting. In the meeting, our director will aim to explore possible business grounds in which the win win situations can be created. We have many interesting channel partnership programs which our director will put forward. Also, we are open to explore the affiliation programs of the customers and prospects to expand the business opportunities for both parties.

Discussing possible association with the open source solution that we maintain

We have been maintaining an open source VoIP Billing solution, namely, ASTPP. This FreeSWITCH based billing solution has a really beneficial “VoIP Termination Partnership” program which gives amazing benefits to the VoIP termination businesses. Our director will discuss this program with our customers and other prospects in goodwill.

Meetings with prospects to explore new business opportunities

Our director will be in Istanbul from 16 to 24 Feb, 2019. He is interested in meeting like-minded business owners and prospects in a casual or a formal meeting with an agenda of business networking and exploring possible mutual grounds of collaboration. We have already scheduled some meetings with the prospects and we still have some open slots. If you are in Istanbul and would like to schedule a meeting to know more about our company, products, solution and services as well as attractive channel partnership programs, please contact us.